Cornerstone is now meeting on Sundays, in the Early Years Centre, adjacent to and part of the Highweek Primary School, Coronation Road, 

Newton Abbot.

Although this is an 'in presence' meeting, a number of folk are not able to attend physically, so we run a hybrid service under Zoom, and people are able to join us interactively over the internet.


We also continue to use Zoom for midweek prayer and study times, and smaller groups of us meet at the Forde Park Community Cafe (in Forde Park) and other places at other times.


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We meet to acknowledge God, to thank Him for His love and provision, and seek His direction in our lives.

Regularly we share bread and wine as we remember the significance of Jesus Christ's sacrificial death for us.



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Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, one of several congregations that are part of the Christian Church in Newton Abbot, warmly invite you to share in the worship of God and in learning how we may live to put God and Jesus Christ at the centre of our lives and not left outside the back-door!


We believe that although many people ignore or know nothing about God, He has a love for all people, and that in sending Jesus Christ, His Son, God in human form, He has provided a way for human lives to be brought back into harmony with Him and His purposes. Our desire is to share that love and provide encouragement, support and friendship, as part of God's family. We believe it is important to understand the significance of what the Lord Jesus Christ achieved in His life, death on a cross and resurrection, and how that can make a difference to our lives and future.